Woodward 505


The NEW 505 and 505-XT are Woodward’s line of standard off-the-shelf controllers for operation and protection of industrial steam turbines. These user configurable steam turbine controllers with integrated OCP (operator control panel) include specifically designed screens, algorithms, and event recorders to simplify use in controlling industrial steam turbines or turbo-expanders, driving generators, compressors, pumps, or industrial fans.

Now is the time to modernize and upgrade your aging technology to a better solution that will optimize performance and productivity. Woodward’s new 505 and 505-XT are direct drop-in replacements (form, fit and function) to your existing 505 systems. You’ve come to trust our technology over the past 140 years for quality, reliability, service and support. Now let us help you extend the life of your turbine and open wide a window of operator control visibility that makes it easier to manage and optimize your system’s performance.

Download 505 Steam Turbine Control Brochure