Delta Fuel System

PM Control is a Woodward Recognized Engine Retrofitter. To supplement Woodward’s standard retrofit component program, PM-Control has developed the Δ-Fuel™ system. The Δ-Fuel™ system substitutes diesel by varieties of gasses in order to significantly reduce fuel cost. The investment for the conversion is in general paid back within a few months.

The new designed control algorithms will help customers to maintain a predefined gas/diesel ratio throughout the entire load and speed range of the engine. This is made possible while maintaining original engine performance and with only minor mechanical changes. The Δ-Fuel™ System will give customers the ability to return to full diesel operation at any desired time.

PM-Control offers 3 configurations:

Our SPI and SPT systems require no or minimal mechanical conversion of the engine and are mainly bolt on components. The MPI-solution requires installation of a gas injector near each cylinder head. Engine conversion for MPI is therefore considered more invasive.

Engine Protection
PM Control recognizes that the engine is a costly asset and believes that protection of the engine is equally important.
Therefore the Δ-Fuel™ system constantly monitors the following parameters:

  • Exhaust temperature
  • Intake manifold temperature
  • Jacket water temperature
  • Engine speed irregularity (misfire)
  • Air cleaner restriction
  • Diesel temperature
  • Turbo boost pressure
  • Diesel flow or diesel actuator position

The Δ-Fuel™ gas/diesel ratio is reduced when one of the listed parameters exceeds certain values. The amount of reduction is freely tunable. If the automatic reduction of the system does not achieve the desired result, the system will return to full diesel operation or shutdown the engine.

Detonation Detection
On top of the above listed standard protection, PM-Control Systems believes that a detonation detection system is required for Diesel and Gas operated engines.

The standard Δ-Fuel™ System contains a knock detection system.
In the event of detonation, the Δ-Fuel™ System will instantly reduce the gas flow by fixed amount and after a set timer return to the ratio as before the detonation event. At continued detonation or repetition, the system will return to full diesel operation.

For SPI and MPI an alternative detonation control algorithm can be offered where in case of detonation the gas reduction amount is variable. The alternative detonation control algorithm reduces the gas flow at times of detonation up to the point that detonation has just disappeared. Maximum diesel by gas substitution can be achieved with the so called closed loop detonation control algorithm. See video of diesel gas operation and detonation detection system below.

The Δ-Fuel™ System uses predominantly existing Woodward hardware. The same hardware which is supplied to engine manufactures around the globe with many years of trouble free operation.

At operation of the engine outside normal OEM specifications i.e. high aftercooler or jacket water temperature, the gas flow will either be reduced or stopped to ensure safe engine operation. At any time it is possible to return to full diesel operation to ensure reliability of the unit.

Natural gas and continue variable gas qualities:
All Δ-Fuel™ system configurations can operate with either fixed or varying quality gasses.

The Δ-Fuel™ system compensates the gas flow in order to maintain the predefined diesel gas ratio automatically. The automatic compensation makes the Δ-Fuel™ system therefore suitable for natural , CNG, LNG, coal bed methane/coal seam and variable gases like bio, sewage, landfill, mine and syngas.

Note: The SPI-Tecjet system configuration will be able to handle the largest gas quality fluctuations.

The Δ-Fuel™ system has been designed for any industrial application, being fixed or variable speed and even mobile applications:

  • Generator sets / drill rigs
    • Continues operation
    • Prime power
    • Standby
  • Variable speeds:
    • Compressors applications
    • Water pump applications
    • Mining trucks and off road vehicles

Variable Gas Diesel Ratio:
Standard in all our Δ-fuel controls, the gas diesel ratio is variable versus speed and load by using either a 2- or 3-dimensional table. This allows the commissioning engineer to optimal balance maximum substitution of diesel while controlling emissions and maintain sufficient margin to detonation.

Cylinder pressure:
PM-Control offers the possibility of tuning the engine with a Kistler piezoelectric cylinder pressure sensor. Typically this is done at the development of the first engine of its kind. After development there is no requirement for the sensor and the sensor will be removed.

  • The Kistler sensor allows optimal tuning of the Gas/Diesel ratio, by measuring and visualizing the combustion pressure versus crank angle.

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