Improved Cast Iron Case or Aluminum Case

The PSG governor is a speed-droop governor for controlling speed of small diesel, gas, and gasoline engines or small steam and industrial gas turbines, isochronously or with droop.

The governor is used to control engines or turbines driving alternators,dc generators, pumps,or compressors. Pressure compensation provides the PSG governor with the necessary stability to control isochronously. Optimum adjustment is attained by the proper opening of the needle valve. The temperature- compensated speeder spring minimizes speed drift caused by temperature change. The governor has its own oil pump powered by the drive shaft, and requires oil from an external source (usually engine lube oil). An oil supply from a separate sump can be used. Rotation of the drive shaft can be in either direction. The PSG governor can be fitted with check valves to allow drive rotation in both directions. p The manual speed-setting shaft can be on either or both sides of the case. The terminal shaft can be from either or both sides of the case.