Electro-Hydraulic Actuator for Steam Turbines

Woodward’s UG self-contained, electro-hydraulic actuator replaces UG governors on steam turbines plusdiesel, gasoline, or natural gas engines. The UG and UG40 Actuators accept a 0-200mA proportional demand signal from an electrical control system and use hydraulic power from an internal pump driven by its drive shaft to create the force to move its rotary output shaft. The actuators provide the muscle for Woodward analog controls such as the 2301A, as well as Woodward digital controls such as the 500-series, 700-series, and the IGEM® engine management system.


  • Output - Rotary shaft, 37 degrees, 13.6 J (10 ft-lb) max
  • Input Power - 0-200mA position demand signal, coupled drive shaft spinning at 375 to 1500 rpm