L Series

Integrated Engine Speed Control


The Woodward L-Series Integrated Engine Control System is the first engine speed control to deliver so much in a package this compact. It can also deliver a big savings in production and field support. Since the L-Series Control System is microprocessor-based, it can easily be programmed to match the operating parameters of every engine you produce. The

With many built-in functions, this microprocessor-based speed control allows a high-volume OEM or packager to stock one part number, but implement a wide variety of engine control strategies by configuring the four auxiliary inputs at their factory.

Besides the traditional bracket mount using external linkage, the L-Series Control System is available in a variety of mechanical configurations, including one integrated into a rotary diesel fuel pump and one integrated with a throttle body or a throttle body and mixer (product spec 03222). The externally mounted systems can be configured for clockwise or counter-clockwise (standard) shaft rotation for increasing fuel.

The L-Series control’s high-efficiency torque motor delivers 0.34 Nm (0.25 lb-ft) nominally over 60° travel range to operate fuel or air control devices (see specifications for torque performance offer the full product temperature range).

Other L-Series control features:

  • state-of-the-art speed sensing and control algorithms
  • comprehensive diagnostics for easy troubleshooting
  • end-of-line programmability simplifies inventory
  • optional transient smoke limiter for turbocharged diesel engines
  • customer configurable auxiliary inputs available on board to match your specific application
  • optional mounting kits for Stanadyne DB-series or Delphi DP200 & DP210 fuel injection pumps provides integrated control solution
  • speed setpoint adjustment using Idle/Rated1/Rated2, Raise/Lower, and external analog settings
  • dual sets of speed dynamics can be set by engine speed, discrete input, or even an external signal