Woodward 733 Digital Control

Electronic controller for power generation, marine propulsion, locomotive and industrial engines

Woodward’s 733 digital control manages and controls reciprocating engines (gas, diesel, or dual fuel) used in power generation, marine propulsion, locomotive and industrial engine, and process markets. Specifically designed for direct mounting on the engine, the 733 can also be mounted inside control cabinets, if required.

The 733 is available in several versions:

As a standalone speed control with functions and configuration similar to other Woodward digital controls such as 723. The control also has plug-and-play network connectivity to the Woodward ProAct™ digital actuator family for a complete all-electric, engine-mounted governing solution. The control can receive its commands either through hard-wired inputs or via a network.

As the main control unit within an engine management system. The control is designed for network connectivity to other Woodward or customer-selected devices, such as I/O modules (remote or integrated within the 733 package), actuators, ignition controls, air/exhaust and fuel flow control valves, power management controls, and EFI solenoid drivers. It may be programmed to perform all engine functions such as speed, air and fuel control, monitoring, alarms, engine protection, and sequencing.

The 733 is programmed using Woodward’s Graphical Application Programmer (GAP™). GAP is a dedicated, high-level, block-oriented programming language specifically designed for simple and quick implementation of difficult engine control strategies. GAP functions are easily modified and expanded, allowing fast creation of new applications.


  • On-engine speed control
  • On-engine management system
  • Expandable hardware and software
  • Distributed control via CAN networking
  • Powerful PowerPC core
  • Local configuration port
  • 2 serial ports with Modbus® and ServLink protocol choices
  • 3 CAN ports supporting multiple protocols
  • Woodward GAP™ programming environment
  • Multiple programming loop times available(5 to 160 ms)
  • CSA and CSAUL listed
  • CE Compliant