Hydro Turbine

Nam Ngum

Other than Woodward we are the Value Reseller of L&S Electric. This is one of the case studies using L&S system on a hydro turbine in Laos. This commissioned system helps the customers to increase productivity in returns higher revenues.

Nam Mang 3

The Nam Mang 3 hydro power plant operates 2 x 20MW Pelton hydro turbines originally commissioned in 2005. Given the age of the control system and advancement in control technology, EDL-GEN decided to retrofit the governor control system and excitation system for both units. As result of many past successful projects, PM Control Systems Pte Ltd (PMCS) was awarded the contract to retrofit the governor and excitation control systems in Nam Mang 3 Hydro Power Plant. To read more, please click on the case study.