With the unstoppable growth in global trade there also arises the need for superior transportation solutions allowing the speedy movement of people and freight like never before.

PM Control provides solutions for the full range of marine and rail applications bringing our customers to the very forefront of transportation technology. From complex marine propulsion systems, to traction control in locomotives we have the right systems to reduce both your costs and emissions. Our rigorously tested mechanical governors and actuators deliver unparalleled reliability, and together with the latest in digital control systems, we’ll allow you to sit back and reap the rewards. The advanced systems we offer are able to perform complex tasks automatically, such as fuel and air management, loading and unloading of engines, load sharing and shedding all enabling you to get things moving with maximum ease and efficiency.

Our network of partners and service providers located in the main centers across South-East Asia and Australasia also ensures we are on the spot to supply you with the support you need, when you need it. We deliver the support – you deliver the goods.

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