LV Grid Protection


Multi-Function Relay / Measuring Transducer with Modbus & CANopen Communication

The MFR 300 is a measuring transducer for monitoring single- and three-phase power systems. The MFR 300 has both voltage and current inputs for measuring an electrical power source. A digital processor makes it possible to accurately to measure true RMS values, regardless of harmonics, transients or disturbing pulses. The primary measured and calculated values are transmitted via CANopen / Modbus protocol to a supervisory control system.
The MFR 300 performs monitoring functions for mains decoupling, including four freely configurable time-dependent undervoltage monitoring functions for FRT (fault ride through).
The primary measured values of voltage and current are used to calculate the real, reactive, apparent power and the power factor (cosphi) values.


Multifunctional mains decoupling relay with voltage and frequency related protections.