At the heart of any production process is the control system. Its ability to deliver reliability and yield results at peak efficiency is a determining factor in the success of the overall process. PM Control has extensive knowledge and experience in providing state-of-the-art control and protection systems for turbines and compressors. Whether you need an Integrated Turbine and Compressor Control (ITCC) or separate turbine and compressor control modules we utilise the most reliable components to equip your control system. Our system comprises quality actuators, valves, safety systems, auxiliaries, and digital technology to maximize productivity and protect against potentially damaging events.

Our attention to detail and proven track record enables us to deliver solutions that fulfil our customers’ unique needs and objectives, and ensuring:

  • Reductions in total operating costs and emissions
  • Improved availability (less system downtime)
  • Decreased shutdowns due to instability
  • Reductions to systems start-up and restart time
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