ABB is a leading provider of integrated power and automation solutions for all types of power generation plants. With an extensive offering that includes electrical balance of plant, automation, instrumentation and control systems, and service – along with more than 125 years of expertise and innovation and a presence in over 100 countries – ABB helps to optimise performance, improve reliability, enhance efficiency and minimise environmental impact throughout the plant lifecycle.

Among ABB’s product portfolio are its Excitation systems, which it has been supplying for more than 90 years.

ABB’s UNITROL® 6000 static excitation systems and automatic voltage regulators have set the benchmark for functionality, reliability and connectivity at hydropower plants all over the world.

The hardware and software components are fully integrated with ABB’s plant automation system. The controllers are based on ABB’s AC 800PEC family of high-performance processors, which combine the high-speed control requirements of power electronics applications with low-speed process control tasks, usually carried out by a separate PLC Standard.

UNITROL® 6000 software includes all the regulation, protection and monitoring functions necessary for the secure operation of the excitation systems, and is customisable to meet specific requirements.

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Our Collaboration with ABB
PM Control Systems was appointed as an ABB Regional Technical Partner for Excitation Control Systems for South East Asia on 1 October 2011.

As a Regional Technical Partner, PM Control is authorised to:

  • Unitrol 1000 series – Product sales and retrofit solutions
  • Unitrol 6080 (D1, D2, D3 & D4) – retrofit solutions
  • Legacy excitation control system upgrades/retrofits
  • Engineering support for standard ABB Unitrol 1000 & 6080
  • Aftermarket field service and commissioning services