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Safety Systems

SIL (Safety Integrity Level) (SIL) certificates of conformity to IEC 61508 are issued at a product level, with most certificates issued on mass produced devices. SIL compliance is calculated by measuring the average probability of failure of the safety and determining if this is sufficiently low to prevent the likelihood of a hazardous event.

In accordance with IEC 61508, TÜV Rheinland has approved Woodward’s product range into SIL-3 based safety systems. Approved products include MicroNet, Protech and QuickTrip. Both MicroNet Plus and MicroNet TMR platforms have been assessed by TÜV for use as the safety device in an integrated SIL-3 safety system (MPUs, controller, trip solenoids, trip valves, wiring, etc.).

These Woodward products are designed to reliably control and protect steam turbines, gas turbines, compressor trains used in all applications where the chance of a safety issue could result in serious damage or large economic losses.

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Safety Systems