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Diesel Engine

Older control systems can present ongoing difficulties and system disruptions, driving up your costs and constricting operational abilities. Woodward Singapore provides integrated engine control solutions to upgrade outdated diesel engine systems. We are a trusted retrofitter with expertise across a range of industries; our solutions are applied in the most challenging environments.

We assess existing governors, generator control panels and other engine auxiliary systems enabling us to map out a cost-effective solution that suit your needs. Typically included in our diesel engine solutions is the core control system, replacement electric or electro-hydraulic actuator, and speed sensors. The control system can also be further enhanced to control, protect and monitor the diesel engine auxiliary systems and instrumentation.

Diesel engine controls covers:
  • Start and stop
  • Protection against abnormal operating parameters
  • Limit the actuator output on start-up to reduce black smoke
  • emissions
  • Perform droop, isochronous base load
  • Load sharing to optimize the generator power
  • Communication protocol to interface with monitoring system (SCADA or HMI)

Woodward Singapore’s diesel engine solutions increase engine operating performance; improving efficiency and reducing emissions. We are located in most of the main centers across South East Asia; providing you local support and comprehensive aftermarket service.

Our experience in diesel engine retrofits includes such industries as:
  • Energy and power generation facilities
  • Gas exploration
  • Gas compression
  • Locomotives
  • Marine
  • Offshore
Diesel Engine