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Gas Engine

Woodward Singapore has a full range of gas engine control solutions: from minor upgrades to comprehensive solutions for bare engines. We provide turnkey solutions that deliver superior fuel management, optimal performance and more economical fuel consumption.

Our expertise covers an extensive array of control systems including:

  • Electric actuated valves
  • Ignition systems
  • Turbo management (including hot valves)
  • Speed control
  • Power management systems

We have years of experience in air to fuel ratio retrofits for the purposes of achieving lean burn in gas engines. Our air-fuel ratio control systems manage the proportion of fuel to air with precision; providing a constant environment for the effective ignition, while minimizing the incidence of detonation and misfires. The control system maintains combustion temperature and provides constant, specified rate of fuel consumption, resulting in enhanced performance and reduced NOx-emissions. We also offer Woodward’s Gas Quality Closed Loop controls as an additional, cost-effective method of attaining lean burn. Using feedback from the generator kW-transducer the control system closely maps and regulates engine performance, maximizing fuel efficiency.

Woodward Singapore’s fuel blending solution offers a further opportunity to optimize the use of available resources and reduce fuel costs. In fuel blending two gas injectors are added, one in the natural gas train and one in the alternative gas train. The blending algorithms automatically combine the fuels while preventing potential system shutdowns and maintain maximum power. In most cases, the system is configured to consume the maximum amount of alternative gas, topping up with natural gas when alternative gas availability is insufficient. This results in the most economic utilization of available fuel.

Gas Engine