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Dual Engine

Woodward Singapore has developed a proprietary dual fuel system for retrofit on existing diesel engines – the Delta Fuel (Δ-Fuel™) system. Our Δ-Fuel™ conversion upgrades your standard diesel engine to a hybrid system. By admitting gas into the engine charge air system Δ-Fuel™ provides significant reductions in fuel costs.

The control algorithms maintain a predefined gas-diesel ratio throughout the entire load and speed range of the engine. This is achieved with only minor mechanical modifications and without any reduction in engine performance. Furthermore, the Δ-Fuel™ system is designed to enable the engine to return to full diesel operation at any time.

The control system monitors a range of parameters ensuring complete protection of the engine. If any of the listed parameters exceeds pre-set values the system reduces the gas to diesel ratio to a lower, tunable quantity. If the automatic reduction does not return the engine to safe operation the system either returns to full diesel mode or shuts down.

Our Δ-Fuel™ system is a cost-effective solution for achieving reductions in both fuel expenditure and carbon emissions. The level of cost reduction is so significant that often the conversion investment pays for itself within just a few months.

The Δ-Fuel™ control system monitors:

  • Exhaust temperature
  • Intake manifold temperature
  • Jacket water temperature
  • Engine speed irregularity (misfire)
  • Air cleaner restriction
  • Diesel supply temperature
  • Turbo boost pressure
  • Diesel flow or diesel actuator position
Dual Fuel